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Down 40 lbs and Dr. took me off 2 meds yesterday - only 1 more and will be done in 3 months! That was the goal - by Christmas - no more meds! Her first words when she saw me was 'Holy crap!' Also BONUS for the first time in over 15 years, all my blood work was in normal range! I cried when I saw that. So happy! - Jodi K. Phoenix, Arizona


In comparison to establishing my successful career, the time and investment in building a healthy eating and exercise lifestyle was not quick, easy, or for the faint of heart. I experienced steps forward, steps backwards, and had to figuratively "pay to get out of jail"!  The weight I put on in over 40 years time, and my ingrained bad habits, 'died' a very hard death.  Once I embraced Maya's program, and looked inside myself to find the emotional eating monster I had become, I finally said "I Am Enough!" I eat no processed foods, And I now crave organic freshly squeezed juices, green vegetables, fish, and free range organic chicken; foods that feed my body instead of making me sick! I have lost, and kept off, 55 lbs. I do not have a skinny frame, but now I have a deeper confidence about myself; I love me!  have lowered my blood pressure medications drastically, and I enjoy excellent health without colds or flu. Thank you Maya for giving me my life back! -Masha Coy, Huntington Beach, CA


Maya is fantastic! After being diagnosed with a thyroid disorder and gaining a substantial amount of weight, I tried every diet possible without luck, until I met Maya... I shed the excess pounds at a healthy rate. Maya is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and supportive, and has a great sense of humor. She truly lives her passion for food, health and nutrition which is contagious and inspiring…You are going to love this little ray of sunshine! - Wendy Flejter, PhD - Director of Genetics at Caris Life Sciences, Phoenix, Arizona


I just got home and checked my cholesterol records. The figures are even better than I thought thanks to you even though my cholesterol problem has always been said to be genetic. My LDL or bad cholesterol dropped from 132 six months ago to 67. I have never been close to 67 for LDL. The same is true for the total cholesterol - in six months it dropped from 195 to 132.  That is also the lowest point since 1988. The HDL or good cholesterol went up a little bit but basically stayed the same. The triglycerides were at 127 about a year ago and are now at 83.  The last time they were that low was in 2007. So this is a ringing endorsement to what you worked out for me - eat less carbs and sugars, eat what I like but increase fat and protein, eat mindfully and I lost 25 pounds and am healthier on all the blood work. I can't beat that. Thanks again for everything. - Donn, Phoenix, Arizona









How to Stop Overthinking Everything in 3 Easy Steps

  Part One: 9 Ways Overthinking Destroys Your Happiness and Sabotages Your Permanent Weight Loss Part Two: How to Stop Overthinking Everything in 3 Easy Steps     Overthinking things is a mental habit, and mental habits, just like physical ones, can be changed. However, it does require your full commitment and attention.     Step one:   Increase your level of awareness.   It is impossible to change something that you are not aware that you are doing. Always start here; awareness. Over the next 30 days, focus on only increasing your awareness. Commi... Read More >>


9 Ways Overthinking Destroys Your Happiness and Sabotages Your Permanent Weight Loss

    I've seen the mental habit of overthinking stop my clients dead in their tracks; even when they are close to their goal. Overthinking is a paralyzing habit that causes us to questionwhat we already know and can be the genesis of problems that don't even exist. It can make us ruminate and lose track of the present moment; thus stealing ourhappinessand slowing our progress in writing our new story.        1. Overthinking keeps us stuck in the problem.   Becoming engulfed in the current stressor or problem, triggers undue pressure and anxiety. This can lead to... Read More >>


Healthy Habits Weight Loss Challenge: Sandy February 2015

  Sandy - left: Jan 1, right: March 9 Down 31 pounds Fasting Blood Glucose Jan 1: 180 Fasting Blood Glucose Feb 28: mid-90's     Watch Sandy's update below:      FOLLOW SANDY'S BLOG HERE... Read More >>


Healthy Habits Weight Loss Challenge: Anita February 2015

from left to right: Maya, Nicole and Anita Hiking Dreamy Draw Park         Month one of my yearlong Project Me went well.   I am down a few pounds and trying not to fixate on the weight loss so much as making better habits that will result in the pounds going away permanently.  My tendency is to have an 'all-or-nothing' mentality, so if it isn’t perfect, I tend to abandon the project. I’m afraid that if I make a weight goal for a month then miss it, I will beat myself up and quit.     My accomplishments for my first month have been... Read More >>


Healthy Habits Weight Loss Challenge: Nicole February 2015

         February 2015   I managed my travels to Las Vegas this month by carefully planning my choices ahead of time. I kept to the following strategies:   1.    No cocktails until Happy Hour (with one day of an optional Mimosa in the morning). 2.    No carb type foods (fruit, potatoes, rice, etc) with the option of the 3-bite rule (enjoy 3 bites and stop), if desired. 3.    Load up on protein and veggies. 4.    Every other drink will be water or club soda with lime.     This worked well f... Read More >>


5 Concepts I Wish I Understood About Food Addiction Eleven Years Ago

by Maya Nahra, RD, Founder, Healthy Habit Solutions     Food and my weight. My weight and food. Both were always on my mind. You can read more about my story here, but the fact is, too many years of my life were wasted obsessing over my weight and what I ate. I wasn't happy and I wasn't healthy. I hated my body and my life.   Of course, this is the reason why I do what I do today. I am a woman, I want to feel good. I want to feel sexy. But more than that I want to feel...alive.   I wanted to enjoy food without always worrying about what it's going to do to my body.  ... Read More >>